What is another word for lair?

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Lair, refers to a place where animals live, hide or rest. Synonyms for the word "lair" include den, burrow, nest, lair, habitat, shelter, quarters, hideaway, domicile, and residence. A den is a synonym that describes a secluded or secret place usually used by animals. A burrow is another synonym that describes a hole, tunnel, or underground shelter created by an animal. A nest can be an above-ground or subterranean structure, usually built by birds, to lay eggs and rear chicks. The habitat is a natural environment or territory where an animal naturally lives; shelter refers to a place of refuge or safety; domicile means a permanent residence while hideaway means a secret place for hiding.

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    Lairs are dark and dangerous places where the creatures of the night dwell. They are often hideouts for vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the dark. Lairs can also serve as places where a vampire can find fresh blood or a werewolf can find a pack.

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