What is another word for lower class?

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The term "lower class" has traditionally been used to describe individuals who belong to the lowest socio-economic bracket in society. However, this term can be stigmatizing as it implies a hierarchy based on income, and can be seen as derogatory. In order to avoid such connotations, alternative synonyms have been suggested, such as "working class" or "less privileged members". These phrases focus on a person's occupation rather than their earnings, and acknowledge that individuals from all walks of life can experience limitations in society. Other synonyms include "underprivileged", "disadvantaged", and "marginalized", which are used to describe individuals who face socioeconomic barriers and discrimination. Choosing a respectful and inclusive term is important in promoting social justice and equality.

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    What are the hypernyms for Lower class?

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    What are the hyponyms for Lower class?

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    What are the opposite words for lower class?

    The term "lower class" has several antonyms that connote positive or neutral socio-economic conditions. One of these is "upper class," which is a group of people with high social status, wealth, and power. Another antonym for "lower class" is "middle class," referring to people with average or moderate incomes who can afford a reasonable standard of living. Other antonyms include "affluent," "privileged," "elite," "prosperous," and "well-to-do." These words imply a higher standard of living, more opportunities, and a greater degree of social mobility. Using precise and accurate language is essential in avoiding derogatory or offensive terms that perpetuate social inequality and injustice.

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