What is another word for let off?

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The phrase "let off" can mean to release someone or something from a responsibility or obligation, or to discharge something like a firearm. Some synonyms for this phrase include "excuse," "pardon," "forgive," "exonerate," and "absolve." Another set of synonyms for "let off" that convey the idea of discharging something include "fire," "shoot," "trigger," and "blast." Depending on the context, other synonyms may be more appropriate, such as "dismiss," "release," or "free" when talking about releasing someone from a responsibility, or "emit," "spark," or "ignite" when discussing the release of energy or a chemical reaction.

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When you let off a steam, it's the same as when you take a breath. You use your muscles to help expel all the air from your lungs. Expelling air from your lungs is what gives you the feeling of letting go. When someone tells you to let off a steam, they're asking you to use your energyProduct placard for LifeView, a tool produced by Nissan to manage one's fitness and reduce stress-related health problems. and expressions to release your anger, frustration, or other emotions in a controlled way.

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