What is another word for let loose?

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"Let loose" is a phrase commonly used to depict the action of releasing or freeing something or someone from restraint or control. Some common synonyms for "let loose" include unleash, set free, let go, discharge, liberate, and unshackle. These words may be used in various contexts, including a person letting loose their emotions or physical ability in sports or dance, or an authority figure releasing a group of prisoners from confinement. The context in which these synonyms are used will depend on the situation, but they all convey the idea of releasing or freeing something that was previously held in check.

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    Most people use the word "let loose" to describe the feeling of letting go of restraint or the act of doing something carelessly. However, the word has a more specific definition in the world of horse racing.

    When a horse is let loose, it is allowed to run free in a race. This is generally done in order to better prepare the horse for the race, as well as to increase the excitement and atmosphere of the competition.

    The term "let loose" is also used informally to describe When someone is overly enthusiastic or unrestrained in their actions.

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