What is another word for pluck?

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The word "pluck" is often used to describe the act of pulling or tugging on something, or to describe a person's courage or determination. Some synonyms for this word include "yank", "pull", "tug", "snap", "pluck out", "extract", "remove", "pluck up", "snatch", "seize", "grasp", "pluck off", "harvest", and "gather". These words can be used interchangeably with "pluck" to add variety and depth to your writing, and to give your readers a clearer understanding of your meaning. So go ahead and pluck the perfect synonym from this list for your next piece of writing!

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    Pluck is the ability to extract the fine feathers from a bird without hurt. It is a carefully practiced skill that allows for the capture of delicacies, such as chicken, for consumption. Some birds have a specially adapted tool, such as a beak, for plucking.

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