What is another word for longer?

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When you want to express the idea of something lasting for a greater or extended period, the word "longer" comes to mind. However, there are several synonyms that can replace the word "longer" without altering the meaning of the sentence. Words like "prolonged," "extended," "lengthened," "increased," and "enlarged" can be used to indicate a longer time period. Other synonyms include "greater," "dilated," "augmented," and "expansive," which also imply something beyond the usual length or duration. It's important to choose the right synonym based on the context of the sentence and the level of emphasis required to convey the intended meaning.

How to use "Longer" in context?

When we say "longer," what do we mean? In general, longer means more than shorter. But there's a specific meaning to this word when it comes to time. The longer side of a clock's face is showing more time than the shorter side. Similarly, the longer end of a yardstick or ruler is further from the center of the item than the shorter end. There are other meanings of "longer," but these are the ones most commonly used.

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