What is another word for still?

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Still is a word that indicates a lack of movement, action, or change. However, many synonyms exist that can convey this idea in different ways. Some examples of closely associated alternatives include "motionless," "stationary," and "fixed." Other options include "calm," "serene," and "tranquil," which all signify a sense of peace. Furthermore, words like "silent," "quiet," and "hushed" connote a lack of sound or disturbance. Finally, some words that may be used as synonyms for still, in particular contexts, include "constant," "continuous," and "persistent," all of which imply a sense of remaining unchanged. Understanding these synonyms can enhance the writing and provide more descriptive and varied language.

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    How to use "Still" in context?

    "still" is an imperfect verb form that means "to remain in a particular state or condition."

    The word can be used to show that something is still going on, or that someone is still keeping to a plan. It can also show that something is not yet over.

    The word can be used in speech, writing, and informal situations.

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