What is another word for still?

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[ stˈɪl], [ stˈɪl], [ s_t_ˈɪ_l]

Synonyms for Still:

calm (adjective) inactive (adjective) inert (adjective) motionless (adjective) silent (adjective) however (adverb) calm (verb) quiet (verb) rest (verb) silence (verb) stagnate (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Still:

  1. fill, brill, drill, nil, ill, gill, mil, hill, mill, frill, trill, pill, quill, twill, grille, sill, chill, thrill, skill, dill, rill, spill, till, grill, shrill, swill, bill, will, il;
  2. instill, distill, brazil, refill, fulfill, distil, uphill, bastille, goodwill, seville;

Quotes for Still:

  1. I'd always wanted the show to be more reality based science fiction, something along the lines of The Day the Earth Stood Still which I consider to be the classic science fiction film. Gil Gerard.
  2. The success of Torn was a bit too much for me. I took a year off and was still scared to start the second album. Natalie Imbruglia.
  3. The alternative scene, for a couple years now, has been taken seriously and that's a cool thing. I don't think it's exploded or anything, but I think it's pretty cool that it still exists, it's still affecting people. Bob Odenkirk.

Idioms of Still:

  1. have one's heart stand still
  2. sit still for sth;
  3. time stands still