What is another word for MACS?

Pronunciation: [mˈaks] (IPA)

MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) is a technology used for cell separation based on magnetic fields. It is a widely used technique in biomedical research. Some synonyms for MACS include magnetic cell separation, magnetic bead-based cell sorting, and immunomagnetic cell separation. Other similar technologies include FACS (Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting) and microfluidics-based cell sorting. These techniques are used to separate different types of cells in a sample, allowing researchers to study specific cell populations and their behavior. The evolution of cell sorting technology has transformed the way we study cells and has helped drive breakthroughs in fields such as biotechnology, immunology, and cancer research.

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  • Reverse Entailment

    • Proper noun, singular
      mack, macready.
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    • Proper noun, plural
      cos, MERS, MECS, EMFS.
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    • Proper noun, singular
      AMC, CMA.

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Usage examples for Macs

"For money-the honour of the MACS-and his religion.
"The Red Rover"
James Fenimore Cooper
There lived, in those days, the Randolphs, the Hathaways, the Dom Pedro Earles, the Hunt McLanes, the three families to which the famous "MACS" belonged, and others that have no place in this story.
"A Daughter of the Vine"
Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
Two of the "MACS" were there; the other was dead, he was told later.
"A Daughter of the Vine"
Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

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