What is another word for cheater?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈiːtə] (IPA)

The word "cheater" usually carries negative connotations and can refer to someone who deceives others or cheats their way to success. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe a cheater. Some alternative words to describe a cheater include deceiver, fraud, trickster, imposter, and swindler. These words can be used to highlight the dishonest behavior of someone who cheats in any aspect of life. Whether it is cheating in a game, school, or relationships, it is important to recognize and call out cheating behavior in order to maintain integrity and fairness in our daily lives.

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What are the opposite words for cheater?

The antonyms for the word "cheater" are honesty, integrity, and fairness. These words represent the opposite of cheating, which involves dishonesty, deceit, and breaking rules. Honesty refers to being truthful and straightforward in one's actions and words. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Fairness is the quality of treating others equally and justly without showing any bias. These antonyms are essential values that individuals and society should strive to uphold. By practicing them, we build trust, respect, and a sense of responsibility towards ourselves and others.

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Usage examples for Cheater

Drawing from his pocket a letter, which he explained he had received from the clerk on his way to the dining-room, he placed the sheet of paper on the table and began to read,- Sir,-I am one good american Citizen and I will do not the other Strangers peoples Cheat us My duty Me oblige to let you know which cheater the U.S. Secret Contraband the man is it one British have one store in Chicago and one other store in Montreal Canada.
"The Go Ahead Boys on Smugglers' Island"
Ross Kay
When the cheater is loved and the cheated hated, it is scarcely straining the text to associate sanction of the act with the love expressed for the the conduct of the person rewarded.
"Theological Essays"
Charles Bradlaugh
"I'm not going on an undersea voyage with a man who may be a cheater.
"Tom Swift and his Undersea Search or, The Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic"
Victor Appleton

Famous quotes with Cheater

  • It was true of course, what my dad had said: I did worship my grandfather. There were things about him that I needed to be true, and his being an adulterer was not one of them. When I was a kid, Grandpa Portman's fantastic stories meant it was possible to live a magical life. Even after I stopped believing them, there was still something magical about my grandfather. To have endured all the horrors he did, to have seen the worst of humanity and have your life made unrecognizable by it, to come out of all that the honorable and good and brave person I knew him to be— was magical. So I couldn't believe he was a liar and a cheater and a bad father. Because if Grandpa Portman wasn't honorable and good, I wasn't sure anyone could be.
    Ransom Riggs
  • That old bald cheater, Time.
    Ben Jonson
  • To the cheater, there is no such thing as honesty, and to Republicans the idea of serving the public good is counterfeit on the face of it — they never felt such an urge, and therefore it must not exist.
    Garrison Keillor

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