What is another word for processor?

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The word processor is a commonly used term in the field of technology, but there are numerous synonyms that are equally relevant. Some suitable alternatives for processor include central processing unit (CPU), microprocessor, logic chip, computation engine, and data processor. Each of these synonyms refer to the device that carries out instructions and handles the flow of data within a computer system. Additionally, other technology-related terms that are associated with processor, include accelerator, controller, and chip-set. These terms are often used to describe the various functions and features of the processor, such as its speed, memory capacity and processing capabilities.

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    Processors range from small Chips to powerful Systems on a chip. They are one of the most important components in any computer.

    Processors are what make your computer do what you tell it to. They break down complex instructions into simple tasks that your computer can understand. For example, when you type "word" into a word processing programme, your processor will break down the word into its individual letters, figures, and symbols. Then, it will figure out how to put them all together to create a sentence.

    Most modern processors are lithium-ion batteries that can last up to 5 hours in laptop mode.

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