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Menses, also known as menstrual cycle, is a natural process that occurs in females every month. The word menses is often used interchangeably with the words menstruation and period. However, there are also several other synonyms for this term. Some of the more commonly used synonyms include the words monthly flow, menstrual bleeding, menstrual discharge, and menstrual blood. Other less common synonyms include terms like menstrual flux, menstrual secretion, menstrual evacuation, and menstrual elimination. Regardless of the term used, the process of menses is a natural and important part of female reproductive health that should be carefully monitored and managed by women and healthcare professionals alike.

How to use "Menses" in context?

Menstruation is the natural process by which a woman's blood is released from her uterus during her menstrual cycle. It usually occurs every 28 days, but can vary in duration from woman to woman.

There are a few things that you can do to help make your menstruation more comfortable and effective. One is to drink plenty of fluids and avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine. These two items can disrupt the normal flow of your menstrual blood. Additionally, make sure to avoid intense exercise, sexual activity, and hot baths or showers during your period. These activities can increase your body's heat which can increase the flow of your menstrual blood.

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