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Execute is a verb that means to carry out a specific task or to put an idea into action. Synonyms for execute include perform, accomplish, achieve, fulfill, carry out, complete, implement, exemplify, effectuate, and realize. Each synonym has its own nuance; perform implies carrying out a task with proficiency; accomplish means successfully achieving a goal; achieve denotes reaching a desired outcome typically with effort; fulfill suggests satisfying a requirement or obligation; carry out means to execute a plan or order; complete indicates finishing a task or process; implement implies putting a plan into action; exemplify suggests setting an example; effectuate denotes actively causing a result or outcome; and realize indicates achieving a long-held goal or dream.

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How to use "Execute" in context?

Execute often means to carry out an order or directive. In computing, it means to carry out, or cause to be carried out, a program or script. In some cases, execute may also refer to authorizing or authorizing the carrying out of a task or command.

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