What is another word for overflowing?

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Overflowing is a word that typically refers to a situation where something is filled beyond its capacity, or where there is an excess of something. There are a number of synonyms for overflowing that can be used to describe this type of situation. For example, the word "bursting" can be used to describe a situation where something is overflowing so much that it is about to break or burst. Another synonym for overflowing is "brimming," which describes a situation where something is filled to the very top. Other synonyms for overflowing include "swollen," "engorged," "overfilled," and "overspilling." These words can help to add variety to your writing and make your descriptions more vivid and engaging.

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    The act of overflowing is an occurrence where liquid accumulates and exceeds the capacity of the container. When this happens, liquids start to seep or spill out of the container, creating a mess. It is important to take note of the following tips in order to avoid overflowing:

    1. Never overfill a container.

    2. Use objects that can help contain liquid, such as a bowl or a lid.

    3. Make sure the container is properly sealed.

    4. Use containers that have a drainage hole.

    5. Place the container in a safe place so that it does not pose a hazard.

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