What is another word for napkin?

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A napkin is a piece of fabric, paper, or other material that is used to wipe one's mouth or hands during a meal. There are many synonyms for the word napkin, some of which include: handkerchief, serviette, dishcloth, tea towel, kitchen towel, cloth, wipe, rag, towel, and square. Each of these words refers to a similar but slightly different item, ranging from a small fabric square used for wiping one's hands to a larger towel used for cleaning up spills in the kitchen. Whatever the word used to describe it, a napkin remains an essential item for keeping clean during a meal.

How to use "Napkin" in context?

Napkins are something that, while not flashy, are extremely important in everyday life. Not only are they used to clean up spills and avoid growing food on our clothes, but they can also be used for a variety of other purposes. From keeping food warm to using them as makeshift tablecloths, napkins are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture.

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