What is another word for mental block?

Pronunciation: [mˈɛntə͡l blˈɒk] (IPA)

Mental block, a state of being unable to concentrate or make progress in a task, can be described using a variety of synonyms, such as brain fog, mental haze, confusion, cognitive distortion, and mental paralysis. Other expressions that could be used to express the concept of mental block include writer's block, creative block, memory lapse, blank slate, or simply being stuck. Some other words that could indicate difficulty in thinking are perplexity, bewilderment, ambiguity, hesitation, and uncertainty. Regardless of the term used, mental block can create feelings of frustration, stress, and anxiety, all of which can hinder productivity. Recognizing and addressing such blocks are essential for maintaining mental wellness and achieving success in daily life.

What are the hypernyms for Mental block?

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What are the hyponyms for Mental block?

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  • hyponyms for mental block (as nouns)

Famous quotes with Mental block

  • . . . if scientists could get rid of the mental block which prevents them investigating a vast subject right under their noses, they could soon learn a great deal more than my wife and I are capable of doing.
    Thomas Charles Lethbridge

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