What is another word for defense mechanism?

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Defense mechanisms are strategies used by individuals to protect themselves against perceived threats or harm. There are various synonyms for the word "defense mechanism" which are used in different contexts. Some of them include coping mechanisms, protective strategies, adaptation strategies, survival mechanisms, self-defense mechanisms, self-protective strategies, and adaptive responses. These synonyms highlight the purpose of defense mechanisms, which is to help individuals to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and maintain psychological well-being. Understanding the different synonyms for defense mechanisms is important as it helps individuals to recognize and regulate their own defensive behaviors, enabling them to improve their emotional and psychological health.

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How to use "Defense mechanism" in context?

Everybody has a defense mechanism. It's a way of dealing with difficult or upsetting situations. It can be something as simple as withdrawal or silence. Some people rely on their defense mechanism more than others, but all of us have them in some form or another. Here are ten of the most common defense mechanisms:

1. Withdrawal: This is simply shutting down or retreating from the situation. This can be a reaction to a traumatic event or something that is bothering you. It can be very effective in avoiding or removing troublesome or uncomfortable feelings.

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