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Repression refers to the act of suppressing or stifling something. It can be considered as a negative action and often associated with the idea of oppression. There are many synonyms for repression, including suppression, restraint, inhibition, curbing, and control. All of these terms describe a tendency to limit or prohibit something, whether it be an action, emotion, or behavior. Repression can also be described using words such as censorship, subjugation, containment, or suppression. These synonyms are often used in conjunction with the idea of power struggles, political agendas, and social hierarchies. Regardless of the context, repression is always an infringement of individual freedom, creativity, and expression.

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How to use "Repression" in context?

When it comes to repression, one could define it in many ways. One common definition is the act or practice of suppressing information or ideas. This could take many different forms, from government censorship to social opprobrium to simple intolerance.

All forms of repression have one common goal: to keep those within the repressive regime in line. It can be used to quash political dissent, to silence the media, or to quiet the populace. It can be used to keep people in line through fear or intimidation, or through the simple withholding of resources.

There are plenty of reasons to be repressed.

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