What is another word for forgetful?

469 synonyms found


[ fəɡˈɛtfə͡l], [ fəɡˈɛtfə‍l], [ f_ə_ɡ_ˈɛ_t_f_əl]

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    Synonyms for Forgetful:

    How to use "Forgetful" in context?

    When someone is forgetful, it can be frustrating. They may have trouble remembering things that have to do with work or their personal lives. This can be a problem because it can make it difficult for them to do their job or handle their personal responsibilities. Someone who is forgetful may also have more than one thing on their mind at the same time. This can make it difficult for them to focus on anything else. There are ways to deal with forgetfulness, but it is important to talk to a doctor if it is causing problems in the person's life.

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