What is another word for meteorologist?

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Meteorology is a scientific study of weather and climate that involves predicting, observing, and analyzing atmospheric conditions. Those who study and practice this field of science are referred to as meteorologists. Some synonyms you can use for meteorologist that can be used interchangeably depending on context includes weatherman, weather woman, atmospheric scientist, weather forecaster, climatologist, and weather analyst. All these synonyms relate to individuals who study various atmospheric phenomena for the purpose of reporting, forecasting, or explaining weather patterns and conditions. Whatever the title, each plays an essential role in providing us with the weather information we need to stay safe and informed.

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    Meteorologists are responsible for compiling weather information for use by others, including the public and the weather service itself. They use radios, satellites, and weather balloons to gather data that can be analyzed to produce forecasts. Meteorologists must have a degree in meteorology or a related field and must pass a certification examination.

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