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When it comes to words that can be used as synonyms for "hostess," there is a range of options available. Some of the most commonly used words to describe a female host or hostess include entertainer, emcee, mistress of ceremonies, and social committee member. Other potential synonyms might include party planner, event coordinator, hospitality specialist, and event organizer. Ultimately, the best synonym for "hostess" may depend on the specific context in which the term is being used, as well as the tone and style of the message. With a bit of thought and careful consideration, however, it's easy to find the perfect word to describe a talented and gracious hostess.

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How to use "Hostess" in context?

A hostess is a lady who gracefully manages a crowd, seating guests, and keeping everyone well-fed and entertained. Sometimes called a "madam", a hostess presents a polished air that commands respect and admiration. While the precise duties of a hostess depend on the establishment, there are some standard responsibilities that are essential to running any establishment. These responsibilities include greeting guests, keeping track of their table assignments, and ensuring that everyone has what they need. A hostess is also responsible for ensuring that the establishment runs smoothly and that everyone who attends is happy and comfortable.

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