What is another word for moonshiner?

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[ mˈuːnʃɪnə], [ mˈuːnʃɪnə], [ m_ˈuː_n_ʃ_ɪ_n_ə]

Moonshiner is a term that refers to someone involved in the illegal production and selling of homemade alcohol. Some synonyms for the word include bootlegger, rebel distiller, backwoods brewer, untaxed liquor maker, and illicit brewer. These terms are often associated with the prohibition era, and the illegal production of alcohol in rural areas. In recent times, moonshining has become less common due to the widespread availability of legal alcohol. However, it remains a part of American folklore and continues to be romanticized in movies, books, and television shows. Despite the danger and illegality of moonshining, many people still see it as a symbol of independence and resistance against oppressive laws.

How to use "Moonshiner" in context?

There are a number of moonshiners in America, and each has their own method of doing things. This is not a guide on how to make moonshine, but a history of the term and some of the more famous moonshiners.

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