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Distill refers to the process of purifying or extracting something, particularly a liquid, by heating it to its boiling point and then collecting the condensed vapor. The term has many synonyms, including condense, purify, refine, concentrate, separate, and extract. Other related words include fraction, atomize, sublimate, abstract, and rectify. Depending on the context, you can use these words interchangeably with distill to convey similar meanings. For instance, you can distill a compound to separate the desired components or refine an idea to its core. Whether you want to describe chemical reactions or philosophical concepts, you can find various synonyms for distill that suit your message.

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The distilling process converts a mixture of alcohol and water into a distillate, a purer form of alcohol. Distillation is an ancient technique used to produce alcohol directly from a plant or in an animal.

The first step in distilling is to extract the alcohol from the mixture. This is done by either boiling the mixture or forcing it through a filter. The remaining liquid is known as the mother liquor.

The next step is to distill the mother liquor. This is done by heating it until the alcohol vaporizes and rises to the surface. The distiller then collects the vapor and condensed liquid.

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