What is another word for scotch?

Pronunciation: [skˈɒt͡ʃ] (IPA)

Scotch is a word that is primarily used to refer to Scottish people, whisky or a type of tape. However, there are several other synonyms for the word 'scotch' that are commonly used. When describing whisky, it is often referred to as 'Scotch whisky' or simply 'Scotch'. Other synonyms for this are 'Scottish whisky' or 'whisky from Scotland'. When it comes to tape, 'scotch tape' is a trademark, and common synonyms for this are 'sticky tape' or 'adhesive tape'. The term 'scotched' can also be used to describe something that has been stopped or prevented. Lastly, when referring to Scottish people, synonyms include 'Scots', 'Scotsman/woman', or 'Highlander'.

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What are the opposite words for scotch?

Scotch, as a verb, is often used to mean to prevent or stop something from happening, while as a noun it refers to a type of whisky made in Scotland. Antonyms for the verb scotch could be facilitate, promote, or aid, while antonyms for the noun could be other types of whisky like bourbon, rye or Irish whiskey. Additionally, antonyms for the verb scotch could also include words like encourage, endorse, or help, while antonyms for the noun could include non-alcoholic drinks like juice or soda. It's important to remember that the meaning of the word scotch depends on the context in which it is used, and thus its antonyms may vary.

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Usage examples for Scotch

She looked more like an Irish lass than a scotch one.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
If there be only a drop of scotch blood in a man, he shows it.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
There's still some scotch that isn't whiskey in him somewhere.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford

Famous quotes with Scotch

  • For her fifth wedding, the bride wore black and carried a scotch and soda.
    Phyllis Battelle
  • And we'd drink huge amounts of scotch and coke, which is a ghastly sweet drink... And now people don't drink nearly as much, for good reason. We're all a little wiser.
    Bill Bruford
  • There were years when I was a beer and tequila guy, then I got real fat. And then I found that you could actually go on a diet and drink scotch. Then I got hooked on scotch, and if you get hooked on scotch, then everything else just tastes wrong.
    Ron White
  • It does not do well to make ice but forget the scotch.
    Paul. F. Meekin
  • I'm sweating scotch out of every pore in my body.
    Ron White

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