What is another word for more often than not?

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[ mˈɔːɹ ˈɒfən ðɐn nˈɒt], [ mˈɔːɹ ˈɒfən ðɐn nˈɒt], [ m_ˈɔː_ɹ ˈɒ_f_ə_n ð_ɐ_n n_ˈɒ_t]

"More often than not" is a phrase often used to indicate that something happens most of the time, but it can become repetitive when overused. If you need alternatives to use instead of this phrase, consider using "frequently," "usually," "commonly," "regularly," or "typically." These words can convey a similar meaning but with more precision, and they can make your writing more varied and interesting. Additionally, you can also consider using expressions such as "on the whole," "mostly," "generally speaking," or "in the main" to add nuance and depth to your sentences. Varying your language can make your writing more engaging, so explore different expressions to convey your message more effectively.

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    It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and not think about what you're doing. However, it's important to practice "more often than not" because it will help you stay focused and avoid making bad decisions. When you're able to stay on track most of the time, you'll be able to live a more productive life.

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