What is another word for seldom?

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[ sˈɛldəm], [ sˈɛldəm], [ s_ˈɛ_l_d_ə_m]

"Seldom" is a word used to express rarity or infrequency. However, there are many other synonyms that can be used in its place. Some examples include "rarely," "occasionally," "infrequently," "sporadically," "scarcely," "hardly ever," "once in a blue moon," "intermittently," "scantily," and "sparingly." Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation and can be used based on the context of the sentence. By using alternate phrases and words to describe infrequency, writers and speakers can add variety and nuance to their language.

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How to use "Seldom" in context?

Lately I've been noticing a phrase a lot: "seldom." Whenever I hear someone say this, it immediately makes me think of the song "Stairway to Heaven," because the lyrics go, " seldom do we see the things that we're looking for." And that's definitely true, especially when it comes to finding happiness.

Being seldom means that we might not see good things happening all that often, but when they do, they're really something.

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