What is another word for naivete?

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[ na͡ɪˈiːvətˌe͡ɪ], [ na‍ɪˈiːvətˌe‍ɪ], [ n_aɪ_ˈiː_v_ə_t_ˌeɪ]

Naivete, derived from the French word naïf meaning "innocent" or "simple", describes a lack of experience, judgment, and wisdom. There are several synonyms for the term that convey similar meanings, such as innocence, ingenuousness, credulity, and gullibility. Innocence suggests purity and naivety related to inexperience. Ingenuousness refers to an open and honest simplicity that can be perceived as naive. Credulity implies the tendency to believe something too readily without questioning. Gullibility denotes a person's inclination to be easily fooled or deceived, while niavity is a more general term that indicates a lack of sophistication or worldliness. All of these synonyms are excellent for highlighting the idea of a lack of understanding or knowledge about something.

What are the opposite words for naivete?

Naivete is a word used to describe innocence, simplicity and lack of experience. If you cannot use naivete in a sentence, antonyms like cynicism, sophistication and experience come to mind. Cynicism is the opposite of naivete as it is characterized by skepticism and suspicion. Sophistication is the act of being worldly, refined or cultured. Experience, on the other hand, is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through familiarity, observation or participation. All of these antonyms demonstrate a level of practical and informed judgment, challenging the assumption of innocence and inexperience. Naivete, while admirable in some cases, can be detrimental when it comes to decision making, making it important to recognize these antonyms in order to navigate the complexities of life.

Usage examples for Naivete

She asked about "Cecil" with charming naivete.
"Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose"
Grant Allen
Preciosa McNulty had communicated her novel impressions to his daughters, who, in turn, had commented on Preciosa's naivete in their father's hearing; then Roscoe Orlando, who had never hurt himself by overwork and who was developing a growing willingness to leave his maps and his plats and his subdivisions a little earlier in the afternoon, had determined to step round and patronize the new man.
"Under the Skylights"
Henry Blake Fuller
She had the naivete to tell me so, and indeed to confess that she ardently loved another, a poor clerk of her father's, who, when their love was discovered, a short time before, had been turned out of the house.
"Berlin and Sans-Souci"
Louise Muhlbach

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