What is another word for nakedly?

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[ nˈe͡ɪkɪdlɪ], [ nˈe‍ɪkɪdlɪ], [ n_ˈeɪ_k_ɪ_d_l_ɪ]

There are several synonyms that can be used in place of the word "nakedly." For instance, one could use the word "uncovered" when describing someone or something that is exposed or revealed. Additionally, "barely" is another synonym that can be used to indicate a lack of clothing or covering. Another option might be to use the word "unadornedly" to convey a sense of simplicity or minimalism. Alternatively, "unconcealed" can be used to describe something that is visible or open for all to see. Ultimately, the specific synonym used will depend on the context in which it is being used and the desired connotations or implications.

How to use "Nakedly" in context?

Nakedly is an adjective meaning

1. without clothes or modesty;

2. shamelessly;

3. boldly;

4. without any cover or concealment.

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