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Barely is often used to express a small or minimal amount of something. There are several synonyms for barely, including scarcely, just, narrowly, hardly, only just, and almost not. Scarcely is often used interchangeably with barely, but emphasizes the lack of sufficient quantity or quality. Just and narrowly also denote a small amount or margin, but with a suggestion of precision or exactness. Hardly suggests a negative connotation and often implies difficulty or a struggle, while only just emphasizes the idea of something happening at the last minute or by a small margin. And almost not suggests that something is very close to not happening at all.

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Barely Escape Alive After Being Towed in Trunk

It was barely a week ago that an Alabama woman nearly lost her life after her car was towed in the trunk. The woman, identified as 20-year-old Stacy Dooley, was pulled over for driving without a licence. After being pulled over, the police officer came to the car and saw that the woman didn't have a driver's licence or a registration. DPWD officials towed the car away, even though the woman pleaded with the officer not to tow her car.

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