What is another word for exposed?

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Exposed is a word that signifies being open to view or lacking in protection. It has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. For instance, the word 'uncovered' can be used to refer to revealing something that was hidden or unknown. 'Revealed' means something similar to 'exposed', but it has a stronger connotation of disclosure or unveiling. 'Unveiled' is another synonym that means disrobing or taking away a covering. 'Naked' means exposed in a sensitive or vulnerable way. 'Defenseless' is another similar word that means unprotected or vulnerable. All these words are good synonyms for 'exposed' and can enhance and change the meaning of your sentences.

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    When people speak of being "exposed", what do they really mean? For many, exposure might simply mean being out in public, or engaging in some way with others that exposes one's private parts. Exposure can also refer to information that is revealed unexpectedly - such as a secret that has been shared. In the context of the internet, exposure can refer to anything that is public, or circulating online. This can be something as simple as a personal blog post, to something more elaborate, such as a video or even an entire website.

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