What is another word for natural law?

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Natural law refers to the set of principles that govern the universe and human behavior, which are believed to be inherent and unalterable. Synonyms for natural law include universal law, divine law, and eternal law. Universal law describes the concept that certain principles apply to all things, while divine law refers to the idea that these principles are set by a higher power. Eternal law suggests that these principles have always existed and will continue to exist. Other synonyms for natural law include moral law, cosmic law, and order of nature. These terms are often used interchangeably to describe the same basic idea of inherent principles that guide and govern the universe.

How to use "Natural law" in context?

Natural law is the body of law that is derived from the natural phenomena and principles that govern the world. Some of the key components of natural law include the principle of naturalism, the principle of reason, natural justice, and the principle of legality.

Natural law was first developed in ancient Greece, and was based on the belief that natural phenomena and principles were the basis for law. Over the years, the theory has been expanded and refined, and today it forms the basis for many legal systems, including the European Convention on Human Rights.

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