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Evolution is a term used to describe the gradual process of change over time. Synonyms for evolution include development, progression, advancement, growth, transformation, and metamorphosis. These words can be used to describe changes that occur in various aspects of life, including biology, technology, and society. Development refers to the creation or improvement of something over time. Progression refers to the gradual movement or advancement towards a goal. Advancement refers to the forward movement towards a particular outcome. Growth refers to the expansion or increase in size or magnitude. Transformation refers to the fundamental change in form, structure or nature. Metamorphosis refers to the complete transformation of something from one form to another.

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Evolution is a theory that states that the principles of change and natural selection long ago resulted in the different species of animals on this earth. It is said that over time, these changes led to the development of diversified life forms. The theory of evolution is based on the observation that organisms variously possess features that are not found together in the same species, but which are found together in related species.Over time, these features have become more and more evident.

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