What is another word for concept?

Pronunciation: [kˈɒnsɛpt] (IPA)

Concept is a term used to describe an idea, notion or thought that a person intends to convey. It could be used to represent an abstract or concrete idea that one intends to express. Synonyms for concept include notion, idea, thought, theory, hypothesis, belief, conviction, understanding, perspective, viewpoint, meaning, significance, and perception. All these words are used to describe specific forms of concepts depending on the context. For instance, viewpoint could be used to refer to someone's perspective on a particular issue while meaning could be used to represent the interpretation of a particular concept. Each of these synonyms adds depth and nuance to the meaning of the word concept.

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A concept is an abstract idea or general notion that represents something. Its antonyms are the opposite or contradicting ideas that go against the concept. The words that can be used to represent antonyms for concept include ignorance, confusion, misconception, and misinformation. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, understanding or awareness about something, and it contradicts the idea behind a concept. Confusion represents a state of muddled or unclear thinking, which opposes the clarity and distinctiveness of a concept. Misconception and misinformation represent incorrect and wrong ideas that conflict with the accurate understanding of a concept. All these antonyms challenge the basic principles of a concept and deviate from its intended meaning.

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Usage examples for Concept

Dirrul said slowly, feeling for words that would express the idea as he felt it, When I was in the center of the galaxy, looking out on space, I almost grasped a new concept but I lost it when the Agronian patrol attacked me.
"The Instant of Now"
Irving E. Cox, Jr.
If intuition is mingled with intellectual concepts appearing in a philosophical or scientific work, why not then say that the intuitive quality disappears and becomes part of the intellectual concept and that the scientific or philosophic work becomes a work of intuition or a work of art as a whole?
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
Iversen would have been glad to see Harkaway make good, too, only such a concept seemed utterly beyond the bounds of possibility.
"Once a Greech"
Evelyn E. Smith

Famous quotes with Concept

  • There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.
    Ansel Adams
  • I'm doing a play, a musical. The musical follows the Mamma Mia concept. It's my first LA theater project.
    Tatyana Ali
  • Right now it's only a notion, but I think I can get the money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea.
    Woody Allen
  • I think the concept of the sea is very important.
    Alejandro Amenabar
  • The level of detail and craft is something that's inscribed within the original design concept. And so when I begin to draw, I know what kind of detailing I want the building to have.
    Tadao Ando

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