What is another word for neared?

64 synonyms found


[ n_ˈiə_d], [ nˈi͡əd], [ nˈi‍əd]

Synonyms for Neared:

approached (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Neared:

  1. geared, veered, cleared, steered, seared, beard, jeered, cheered, weird, volunteered, sneered, reared, smeared, eared, sheared, peered;
  2. revered, appeared, adhered;
  3. interfered, commandeered, persevered, pioneered, disappeared;

Quotes for Neared:

  1. Speed eventually neared its peak. The records forced me to work ever harder to drop a less and less time. These time trials came to feel like races, which are fun to run sporadically but not daily. Joe Henderson.