What is another word for Newsmen?

Pronunciation: [njˈuːzmɛn] (IPA)

Newsmen are important players in the world of journalism and media. They are known for their ability to report on current events and deliver information to the masses. However, the term "newsmen" can be considered gender-exclusive, and there are more inclusive alternatives that can be used. Some synonyms that can be used include "journalist," "reporter," "news reporter," "news anchor," "correspondent," "news announcer," and "newscaster." These terms can be used to refer to both male and female journalists and other media professionals in the field. Using more inclusive language helps to promote equity and recognition for all those who work in journalism and media.

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Usage examples for Newsmen

He enjoyed the excitement of it, and he kept the office boy running out to buy the extras which the Newsmen came crying through the street almost every hour with a lamentable, unintelligible noise.
"A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth"
William Dean Howells
You know what London is in a ferment of exciting events, and can therefore pretty well imagine the constant succession of reports, true and false, from hour to hour, the unceasing cries of the Newsmen with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions of all the newspapers, the running about of friends to one another's houses, the continual crossing of notes in the streets, each asking the same questions, the hopes and fears and the conjectures one hears and utters during the course of the day, and the state of blank, weary stupidity to which one is reduced by the end of it.
MacCarthy, Desmond
The main gate guards waved him in immediately and two cycle guards ran interference for him through the scores of video Newsmen who lined the spaceport street.
"The Sword"
Frank Quattrocchi

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