What is another word for not all there?

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[ nˌɒt ˈɔːl ðˈe͡ə], [ nˌɒt ˈɔːl ðˈe‍ə], [ n_ˌɒ_t ˈɔː_l ð_ˈeə]

If you're searching for alternatives to describe someone as "not all there," there are several other phrases you can use. A few options include "a bit off," "not quite right," "eccentric," "strange," "odd," "unbalanced," or "quirky." Each of these words represents a different way to describe someone who may not be completely present in their thoughts or actions. Whether it's a friend or acquaintance who seems a bit out of touch with reality or a coworker who regularly has off-beat ideas, there are many ways to describe someone who may not seem "all there." Experiment with different words to capture the nuances of their personality.

Synonyms for Not all there:

How to use "Not all there" in context?

The phrase "not all there" is used to describe someone who is not fully present. This phrase can be used to describe a person who is not paying attention or is not following along. It can also be used to describe a person who is not communicating well.

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