What is another word for untouched?

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The term "untouched" can be transformed into a variety of synonyms that still convey the same sense of being untouched or unaltered. Words like "pristine", "virgin", "unscathed" and "intact" can all be utilized to describe something that hasn't been touched. Other synonyms for "untouched" include "unexplored", "unopened", "unchanged", "unsullied" and "unadulterated". All these synonyms can be used to demonstrate the idea of something that is pure, natural, or unspoiled. Whether describing an abandoned woodlands, an unspoiled natural environment or even a person's untouched feelings or untouched innocence, these synonyms allow us to convey the essence of something that has remained uncorrupted.

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    How to use "Untouched" in context?

    Untouched is a beautiful word that encapsulates the sentiment of being untouched by time or changes. It's a descriptor that conveys a sense of serenity and immaculate beauty.

    Untouched areas often harbor a sense of peace and quiet, owing to their lack of intrusion from humans ornature. They offer an oasis in the midst of bustling cities, or a haven in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.

    There is something incredibly refreshing and calming about being surrounded by untouched areas.

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