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Sensitive is a word that describes someone or something that is easily affected by changes or conditions. There are several synonyms for the word sensitive, including responsive, empathetic, perceptive, delicate, and tender. Responsive refers to an individual's ability to quickly react to something, while empathetic describes someone who understands and shares the feelings of others. A perceptive person is observant and can easily understand things, while someone who is tender is gentle and kind-hearted. Delicate describes something that requires care and attention due to its fragility. All of these synonyms convey a similar meaning to sensitive while offering a slightly different perspective on the individual or object being described.

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How to use "Sensitive" in context?

When we talk about "sensitive," what do we mean? Some people might refer to someone as sensitive if they are easily offended or become emotional when something upsetting happens. Other people might say that someone is sensitive if they have a high sense of intuition or if they are naturally gifted at picking up on others' emotions. A third definition might say that someone is sensitive if they are highly attentive to their environment and perceive things around them in a more holistic way. All of these definitions could be accurate depending on the individual. So what qualifies someone as being sensitive? It could be anything from their diet to the way they dress.

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