What is another word for obligatorily?

Pronunciation: [ɒblɪɡˈatəɹəlˌi] (IPA)

Obligatorily is a word that denotes something that must be done, required, mandatory or essential. It is often used when referring to tasks, actions or activities that are necessary without exception. Synonyms for the word obligatorily include compulsorily, unavoidably, necessarily, imperatively, indispensably, and perforce. They all carry the same connotation of something that cannot be avoided or neglected. Other synonyms include ineluctably, inevitably, and explicitly - all of which further emphasize the idea of something that must be undertaken or followed. Ultimately, the synonyms for the word obligatorily describe something that is not an option but an obligation or requirement.

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What are the hypernyms for Obligatorily?

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What are the opposite words for obligatorily?

The word "obligatorily" is often used to describe actions or tasks that are mandatory or required. However, there are many antonyms (opposites) for this word that describe actions or tasks that are not mandatory, but rather optional or voluntary. Some examples of antonyms for obligatorily include: 1. Voluntarily 2. Optionally 3. Discretionarily 4. Freely 5. Electively 6. Non-compulsorily 7. Unforced 8. Without obligation 9. Discretionally 10. At will. Understanding these antonyms can help to better convey the meaning of a sentence or phrase without using the word "obligatorily".

What are the antonyms for Obligatorily?

Related words: obligatorily required, obligatorily needed, obligatorily necessary, obligatorily essential, obligatorily dutiful

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