What is another word for off-and-on?

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[ ˈɒfandˈɒn], [ ˈɒfandˈɒn], [ ˈɒ_f_a_n_d_ˈɒ_n]

"Off-and-on" is an idiom that means to happen intermittently or irregularly. Synonyms for this phrase include sporadically, intermittently, in fits and starts, on and off, irregularly, from time to time, occasionally, and now and then. These synonyms are useful when describing actions or situations that happen infrequently or with inconsistency. For example, "the rain fell sporadically throughout the day" communicates the same idea as "the rain fell off-and-on throughout the day." Switching up the phrase can keep writing interesting and engaging while providing a variety of descriptive options.

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    How to use "Off-and-on" in context?

    Looking for a term to describe a relationship or a situation in which people communicate intermittently and sometimes never communicate at all? That's off-and-on.

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