What is another word for sporadic?

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[ spɔːɹˈadɪk], [ spɔːɹˈadɪk], [ s_p_ɔː_ɹ_ˈa_d_ɪ_k]

Sporadic is an adjective that refers to something that occurs irregularly or intermittently. There are several synonyms for sporadic, such as occasional, infrequent, erratic, scattered, isolated, patchy, and irregular. These words share the same idea of something happening at unpredictable intervals or in an uneven pattern. Other possible synonyms for sporadic could be sporogenous, occasionalism, occasionalist, or sporadial. These words might not be as common as the previously mentioned ones, but they can still effectively convey the idea of something being irregular or intermittent. In conclusion, whether you use common or uncommon synonyms, the objective is to express the idea of sporadic in various ways.

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How to use "Sporadic" in context?

Sporadic means occurring at irregular intervals. Sporadic phenomena can be things like wild fires, traffic jams, and power outages. They can also be natural events like hurricanes and earthquakes.

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