What is another word for pacifically?

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[ pɐsˈɪfɪkli], [ pɐsˈɪfɪkli], [ p_ɐ_s_ˈɪ_f_ɪ_k_l_i]

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Synonyms for Pacifically:

How to use "Pacifically" in context?

The word "pacifically" is derived from the Latin word "pacificus," which means calm and peaceful. To be pacifically inclined is to have a calm and peaceful disposition, to be content with what one has, and to be considerate of others. One can be pacifically inclined in one's daily life by maintaining a positive outlook, being tolerant of others, and not taking things personally. Additionally, one can be pacifically inclined in one's opinions by speaking diplomatically, refusing to be drawn in to heated arguments, and considering all sides of an issue.

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