What is another word for pacification?

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When it comes to pacification, or the act of calming or restoring order, there are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe this process. Some common synonyms include reconciliation, resolution, appeasement, restoration, and peace-making. These words all embody the idea of restoring a sense of calm and order to a situation that may have previously been chaotic or tense. Other synonyms for pacification might include mediation, diplomacy, negotiation, or compromise - all of which imply a willingness to listen and work towards a mutually beneficial solution. Whatever word you choose to describe the process of pacification, the end goal remains the same: to create a sense of peace and stability in a tumultuous situation.

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    When Americans think of "pacification," they likely conjure up images of soldiers driving down enemy strongholds or commanders calling in airstrikes to decimate insurgents. But what is the truth about the history of pacification? In fact, it's a much more difficult process than it seems, with regards to both the military's goals and the population it's trying to control.

    To be successful in pacification, military planners must first understand the motivations of the local population. If insurgents control key areas of a region, they will be able to generate revenue and recruit new members.

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