What is another word for temperately?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛmpəɹətli] (IPA)

Temperately is an adjective that describes moderation in behavior, often in regard to drinking or eating. Some synonyms for temperately include restrained, moderate, conservative, and controlled. Other alternatives to the word may include frugal, abstemious, and self-restrained. The opposite of temperately would include overindulgent or excessive. Using these synonyms in place of temperately can add variety and depth to writing while still conveying the same overall meaning. For example, one may describe themselves as being temperately frugal to emphasize their moderate and controlled spending habits.

Synonyms for Temperately:

What are the hypernyms for Temperately?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for temperately?

Antonyms for the word "temperately" include immoderately, excessively, intemperately, and extravagantly. These words describe behavior that is beyond reasonable or appropriate limits. Someone who behaves immoderately may indulge in excess of food, drink, or anything else. Likewise, intemperately and excessively imply a lack of restraint and self-control. Extravagantly means doing something in an excessive and wasteful manner, beyond necessity. Using these antonyms, it becomes apparent that temperance is a valuable trait that one ought to cultivate in life. Moderation in all aspects of life is essential to maintain balance, discipline, and harmony.

Usage examples for Temperately

And don't think I temperately like you.
"Aurora the Magnificent"
Gertrude Hall
The report was temperately expressed, and created some effect for a time in England, but the colonial minister could not yet be induced to move in the direction of positive reform in the restrictive system of colonial government.
"Canada under British Rule 1760-1900"
John G. Bourinot
If they brought out their right ideas somewhat in a disorderly manner, it must be remembered that great zeal produces some irregularity; but when greatly in the right, it must be pardoned by those who are very regularly and temperately in the wrong.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VI. (of 12)"
Edmund Burke

Famous quotes with Temperately

  • Let us love temperately, things violent last not.
    Philip Massinger
  • Whoever tramples on the plea for justice temperately made in the name of peace only outrages peace and kills something fine in the heart of man which God put there when we got our manhood.
    William Allen White
  • The emperor Antoninus was a practical moralist. From his youth he followed a laborious discipline, and though his high station placed him above all want or the fear of it, he lived as frugally and temperately as the poorest philosopher.
    George Long (scholar)
  • Hers was simply not a pew-shaped spine. “I just never had a reason ever to sit in a church,” she had told people. She wasn’t vehement about it. She just walked around and lived and moved her hands that were pebble-smooth and pebble-small. Work had polished the nails of those hands with a polish you could never buy in a bottle. The touching of children had made them soft, and the raising of children had made them temperately stern, and the loving of a husband had made them gentle.
    Ray Bradbury

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