What is another word for patriotism?

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Patriotism is a sense of devotion and pride towards one's country. It can also be described as love for one's nation or a willingness to defend it. There are various synonyms for patriotism including nationalism, loyalty, love for country, devotion to one's nation, and allegiance to the state. Other terms that can be used to describe patriotism include civic duty, public spirit, and national unity. Patriotism is a term that is often associated with military service and sacrifice, but it can also be displayed through other activities like voting, supporting local businesses, and participating in cultural events. Whatever the method, patriotism is an essential quality that strengthens nations and promotes social harmony.

How to use "Patriotism" in context?

Patriotism is an intense love and admiration for one's country or people. It is a solemn commitment to the principles and values of one's homeland. Patriotism is often accompanied by sentimentality and a feeling of responsibility to one's compatriots.

Patriotism is an essential component of a strong nation. A nation without patriotism is a nation in decline. Patriotism encourages civic virtues such as obedience to law, hard work, and courage in the face of danger. It also encourages qualities such as self-discipline, generosity, and mercy. Patriotism also strengthens relationships between citizens and promotes social cohesion.

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