What is another word for assimilate?

Pronunciation: [ɐsˈɪmɪlˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Assimilate is a verb that means to absorb, incorporate, or become similar to a new culture or group. There are many synonyms for this word, including adapt, acculturate, integrate, blend, and conform. To assimilate implies that one is taking on the values, beliefs, and customs of another group, whereas adapt suggests a more general adjustment to different circumstances. Acculturate refers to adapting to a new culture or environment, while blending suggests a mixing of different cultures. To integrate is to become part of a society or group, while conform refers to adjusting oneself to societal norms or expectations.

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Assimilate means to integrate or blend into a culture or society. Some antonyms for the word assimilate include segregate, isolate, separate, disconnect, and distance. When one segregates themselves from a group or culture, they remove themselves from the community and its shared beliefs and practices. Isolating oneself from a community can lead to social exclusion and misunderstanding. To connect and build meaningful relationships with others, it's essential to bridge gaps and distance between individuals, cultures, and communities. By understanding the antonyms of assimilate, one can recognize the value of coming together and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

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Usage examples for Assimilate

And whatever process can make Christ entirely ours, and help us to assimilate all that is in Him, this process we are to use.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
I stammered, not able to assimilate this statement in my dazed condition.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
There are so many sights to see here, and in front of us, and so many, it appears, we ought to have stopped to see between Bombay and here; however we realise that unless American born we can only assimilate what an American would consider to be a very little in a very long time, so we are going along slowly.
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch

Famous quotes with Assimilate

  • When you're a child you're able to assimilate so easily into any situation. You even start talking like the people you're around. I wasn't conscious that I was so good at that until I started to truly feel like an actor.
    Vincent D'Onofrio
  • No police department should hire more quickly than they can assimilate the people that they bring in, and we did. I take responsibility for it. It was the first opportunity I had to hire, and I wanted to do it, and I take responsibility.
    Daryl Gates
  • To become an American citizen, we require people to read, write and speak in English. That is to help them to assimilate in our melting pot, truly to become Americans. We mock that when the cherished right to vote does not involve English any more.
    Ernest Istook
  • I also think we need to maintain distinctions - the doctrine of creation is different from a scientific cosmology, and we should resist the temptation, which sometimes scientists give in to, to try to assimilate the concepts of theology to the concepts of science.
    John Polkinghorne
  • I don't like to go to the movies to see violence or some kind of spy thing with all kinds of information you have to assimilate to understand the plot.
    Pia Zadora

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