What is another word for subjection?

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Subjection is the state of being under the control or domination of someone or something. Some synonyms for subjection are submission, obedience, compliance, domination, control, mastery, influence, and oppression. Submission refers to the act of yielding or yielding to authority or power, obedience refers to the act of obeying orders or commands, compliance implies conforming to rules, domination and control refer to the exercise of power over others, mastery means having complete control or proficiency in a skill or subject, influence refers to the power to affect attitudes or behavior, and oppression refers to unjust or cruel treatment of others. These synonyms collectively describe various aspects of subjection and help us better understand the various ways in which we may be subject to others.

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Subjection, in simple terms, refers to the state of being under the control or domination of another individual, group, or entity. Antonyms for this word would be words or phrases that express the opposite meaning. One such antonym for subjection could be "independence," denoting freedom, self-governance, or autonomy. Another antonym for subjection could be "authority," denoting a position of power or control over others, rather than being subject to another's control. Other antonyms for subjection could include "liberation," "emancipation," "freedom," or "liberty." All of these words denote a state of being free from external control or domination.

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He who loves music has a servant at his command which will ever render him willing and delightful service; he who loves music brings himself into subjection, to one of the most elevating and purifying influences of civilisation, and he who loves music and will practise it, becomes a valuable and agreeable factor in the social life of the community.
"The Operatic Problem"
William Johnson Galloway
The relations between "Young Germany" and Weitling's allies were apparently not cordial, though they had so much in common that, on the one hand, Weitling's correspondents urge him to keep on good terms with "Young Germany," and, on the other, Marr says he actually tried to get a common standing ground with the communists, and thought he had found it in the negation of the present system of things-the negation of religion, the negation of patriotism, the negation of subjection to authority.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
For the first time the political economy of the bourgeoisie had been in clear broad day put in subjection to the political economy of the working class.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

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