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When we speak of allegiance, we generally refer to loyalty, commitment, or devotion to a cause, country, or organization. However, there are several synonyms for allegiance that connote similar ideas. For instance, fidelity implies faithfulness to something that one holds dear or values highly. Obedience connotes loyalty that is expressed through submission to authority. Fealty, which is an archaic term, means loyalty to a king or lord, while devotion denotes passionate dedication. Allegiance can also be substituted with terms like faith, trust, attachment, and fidelity. Overall, synonyms for allegiance express the idea of commitment and loyalty in different ways, but ultimately, they all imply devoting oneself to someone or something.

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How to use "Allegiance" in context?

An allegiance is a binding and solemn oath or promise, usually to a person, country, or idea. Allegiances can be based on family, friendships, or principles. They can be formal or informal. They can be implicit or explicit. An allegiance can be temporary or permanent.

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