What is another word for laboriously?

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The word laboriously indicates hard work or effort, and there are several synonyms for it. One of the synonyms for laboriously is painstakingly, which means doing something with great care and attention to detail. Another synonym is arduously, which implies a task that requires a lot of effort and is physically or mentally exhausting. Another synonym is labor-intensively, which implies a task that requires manual labor. Other synonyms for laboriously include strenuously, difficultly, and with great exertion. All these synonyms indicate that the subject of the action requires significant effort to accomplish.

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How to use "Laboriously" in context?

The word "laboriously" is often used to describe something that is done with care. For example, you might say that you are laboriously cleaning your room. This word is often used to describe something that is done slowly and methodically. When someone talks about working laboriously, they are often talking about being very diligent and taking their time.

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