What is another word for punctilious?

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Punctilious is an adjective that's usually used to describe individuals who are meticulous, precise, and extremely detailed-oriented. It's often used to refer to someone who pays particular attention to smaller or seemingly insignificant details. Synonyms for punctilious include meticulous, scrupulous, fastidious, conscientious, careful, exacting, precise, and thorough. Other words that can be used to describe someone who's punctilious include pedantic, nitpicking, nit-picky, picky, fussy, and finicky. All of these words describe an individual who pays attention to detail, sometimes to a fault, and who takes pride in doing things correctly. These synonyms can be useful when looking for alternate ways to describe someone who's punctilious.

Synonyms for Punctilious:

How to use "Punctilious" in context?

The word punctilious is derived from the Latin word punctuarius, meaning "one who makes things neat or tidy." Webster's Dictionary defines punctilious as "carefully attentive to detail or exactitude." This can be seen in someone who is meticulous about doing everything in a precise manner, from spelling to dressing appropriately.

There is a fine line between being punctilious and nitpicking. While one may be legitimately concerned about maintaining accuracy and correctness, going too far can come across as petty or obsessive.

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