What is another word for percentile?

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Percentile is a statistical term that describes the score below which a given percentage of the data falls. It is a useful measure for comparing individual scores to a larger dataset. However, there are several synonyms for percentile that can be used in different contexts. For example, decile divides data into 10 equal parts, while quartile divides data into four equal parts. Median is also a synonym that describes the point at which 50% of the data falls above and below. In finance, percentile is often replaced with relative rank, which compares an individual's performance to the performance of others in the same group. These synonyms provide flexibility in using statistical measures to compare and analyze data.

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How to use "Percentile" in context?

Percentile is a number that shows how much a person or a group of people differs from the reference group. It is also called percentile ranking.

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